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Actresses in Fly me to the moon didn't miss a beat!

“Fly Me to the Moon” is a hilarious dark comedy written and directed by Marie Jones. It follows 2 care workers and their ever more ridiculous quest to take a dead man’s money without getting caught.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the brilliant set, very simple with a bed, a kitchen and a hallway, it used small details like decor and pill bottles to subtly bring you into the small bungalow of an old man.

It’s not in this bungalow that we are introduced to Katie Tumelty and Tara Lynne O’Neill as Francis and Loretta though, we first meet them it seems, being questioned by police, immediately intriguing the audience as to what exactly they have done.

They begin to tell the tale of what happened and we’re brought to this bungalow on what seems to be an average day, Loretta is running late and Francis just took Davey to the bathroom. When Loretta arrives they chat and chat and after a while you wonder where old man Davey has got to. Well turns out he’s dead and from here on out chaos ensues.

O’Neill was perfect as the morally upright Loretta with brilliant comedic timing disagreeing with but eventually coming round to the devious schemes of her friend, co-worker and metaphorical devil on her shoulder Francis.

She had a constantly anxious attitude towards the whole situation yet went along with all the plans so she got together enough money to send her daughter on a school trip. This made her character very down to earth, her reactions to the crimes are what you’d expect from anyone but when contrasted with the much more self serving, over the top Francis it creates a hilarious dynamic that’s both realistic and hilariously ridiculous.

Francis is proud of her son for being a great “business man” (selling pirated DVDs) and has the initial idea of taking Davey’s money from the ATM.

How Tara Lynne O’Neill could keep a straight face through Katie Tumelty’s hilarious wheelchair slapstick is beyond me. Between her crazy ideas and her constant talk of police investigation as if they’ve committed murder Francis really brings the show to life. She helps bring Loretta out of her comfort zone and convinces both her and the audience that they deserve this money.

The jokes has the audience roaring with laughter and neither of the actresses missed a beat. People of all ages flooded the theatre and where brought together by this brilliantly humorous show. Everytime the phone rang there was a new funny answer that had everyone in stitches.

By the end of the show there was a standing ovation for the amazing performance and everyone went home with smiles on their faces still giggling and the jokes made throughout the show. I can’t imagine a single person would be disappointed by the preposterously hilarious Fly Me To The Moon.

The show runs until 26th January, for more info or to book tickets click here

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