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The best remedy for an Awful Auntie, is a Gay Uncle!

So Wednesday was Gay Uncle day, and technically I was a day late. I collected my charming little nephew who was a complete bundle of excited energy. We made a whole trip out of this, getting the train, going for some pre-theatre food, and then on round to the Grand Opera House.

The foyer was buzzing, filled with excited kids and their frenzied grown up counterparts. The show, Awful Auntie, is based on the David Walliams book which my nephew had read cover to cover on more than one occasion. As you’d expect from Walliams, this show not only appeals to the kids in the audience, there are parts with a sly wink to the adults – literally everyone laughed out loud during this performance.

The sets which were designed by Jacquline Trousdale were charming, creepy, and helped bring the show to life, the flow of the show was energetic and the actors played their parts to perfection, holding our attention the whole way through.

The story starts with Stella setting off to London with her aristocratic parents, randomly waking up three months later, only her Aunt Alberta can tell her what happens – but not everything is what it seems. My favourite character was the senile butler played by Richard James, and the nephew loved Soot the ghost who was played by Ashley Cousins. The stand out moment for us had to be when Stella and Soot were playing pranks on Aunt Alberta – everyone was in bits laughing!

In conclusion, whether it’s Gay Uncle Day or not, this is a treat for kids of all ages. It’s in the GOH Belfast until Saturday the 18th August – go get your seats.

PS: I was the best Gay Uncle ever :-)

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