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"Omigod You Guys" Legally Blonde wow's in the Grand Opera House

Based on the 2001 film staring Reese Witherspoon, this hilarious, fun, feel good musical focuses on perky, blonde, Delta Nu sorority president Elle Woods (Lucie Jones) as she packs her things and heads to Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her super 'serious' ex boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Liam Doyle) and prove that she’s more than just a dumb blonde. Although upon arrival she realises that it’s going to take a lot more hard work than she imagined to impress her ex and stay in school when her ice cold law teacher, Professor Callahan (Bill Ward) judges her from the second she walks through the door.

The musical begins with the perfectly cheesy and almost annoyingly catchy ‘Omigod You Guys’ the song introduces us to Elle’s excitable Delta Nu sorority sisters as they plan for what they think will be an engagement. Throughout the song we see the sorority house set which looks almost as if its been taken straight out of a cartoon and reflects the fun, energetic tone of the musical.

Leading lady, Lucie Jones makes the audience fall in love with Elle from the very beginning with a beautifully sweet voice and an adorably optimistic attitude. She’s pretty, funny, energetic and all round the perfect Elle. She’ll have you in tears laughing in songs like “What You Want” with her crazy dancing then later crying with her amazing version of the title song “Legally Blonde”.

Whilst at Harvard Elle finds friendship with her slightly crazy hairdresser, Paulette Bonafonte (Rita Simons). Paulette helps encourage Elle to buckle down and study and in turn Elle helps Paulette get a man with her great “Bend And Snap” technique, which of course turns into a whole hilarious song and dance. The amazing writing of Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin and choreography of Anthony Williams and Dean Street is what really makes this number stand out as well as Rita Simons amazingly hilarious acting throughout the song.

Other help comes from new close friend Emmett Forest (David Barrett) an adorably awkward law student with a chip on his shoulder. David is perfectly dorky in his portrayal of Emmett and you love him from the moment you meet him. Throughout the show you see Emmett and Elle help each other to become better whether it be with school (Chip On My Shoulder) or fashion (Take It Like A Man) or anything in between.

One of best parts of the show is the song “There! Right There!” in which the Callahan and the team of students attempts to decide whether a man is ‘gay or European’ by analysing things like his hair, clothes and accent. It’s probably the most high energy and funny numbers in the show beginning slowly with just the students discussing amongst themselves and ending with everyone on stage dancing and waving pride flags.

The show is undeniably one of the most crazy, fun, glittery shows you’ll ever get the pleasure of seeing, it’s heartwarming, energetic, hilarious with an amazingly talented cast and if that doesn’t convince you, there’s also some pretty adorable dogs.

The show is on for a limited run, closing this Saturday 3rd March, best available is the Matinee on Thursday 29th February, click the following link or call the Box office on 028 90 241919 for tickets

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