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Thrills, spills and enough fire to make you perspire…..Cirque Berserk!

Never would I thought I’d be saying I was going to the Grand Opera House to watch the circus, but surprisingly it works in a purpose designed show for theatre that’s not for the faint hearted. There were dancers, acrobats, death defying stunts involving aerial acrobats and 4 real motorbikes in a sphere cage and of course the old circus favourite a comical clown to tie it all together.

There were plenty of moments I was grabbing my guests hands or covering my eyes in shock and disbelief at what was happening on the stage in front of me! All I could think of was if that sphere with 4 live running motorbikes spinning around inside falls off it’s stand I’m a goner, thankfully the hunky male gymnasts and dancers calmed my nerves spinning, dancing and twirling with their toned torsos all flexed, and to polish it all off they even encourage the use of mobiles to take pictures and videos to share on your social media, so I’ll leave you with a few of my snaps!

All in all this is a show that has something for everyone, families, singles, dates, gays and straights which was evident from the standing ovation they received at the end of the show. It’s here until Sunday folks and there are still some tickets left throughout the week. Tickets are available online via or you can contact the Grand Opera House Box Office on 02890 241 919.

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