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BBUK housemate's vicious homophobic and racist tweets revealed

Every year, a housemate enters who forgot to clear their offensive tweets. This year it's Andrew.

It has been revealed Andrew has a very nasty opinion on gay and black people, also hitting out and tweeting abuse to celebrities. Because I'm not too personally fond of the housemate I'll keep it simple.

His tweets include:

'They are teaching gay issues to 7-yr old kids. BY LAW.'

'A pure homosexual cannot reproduce, so they need your children for new partners. OK.'

'Every single girl will sleep with you for money. They just have different prices.'

'F**K running the final if I wanted to see black people running id just threaten them with jobs'

'The racist lady on the train is right.'

'Chiara Romano and Cheryl Cole are both massive w** sockets.'

'Drakes shit. Whines all the time and looks like he has down syndrome. "gay love, im a cock. square root of the gaybar is 69''

Other tweets have included words such as f*g", "ch**ky", "p**i", and "w*g

Andrew is currently in the secret house as one of 'The Others', giving him the opportunity to spy on the housemates in the main house. Has Andrew got your vote to be the next winner of Big Brother?

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