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Beyoncé shared a new longer trailer for Lemonade

Beyoncé's takeover is finally happening and she's teasing even more of it in a longer trailer of #Lemonade.

Just hours ago the RnB/Pop God shared a new video on her Instagram account showing off more footage of her teaser for Lemonade, something none of us know anything about.

The original teaser came during the weekend, teasing Lemonade as a 'World Premier Event' without giving away what it actually consists of. Concerts? A new album? Movies? Who knows!

Speculation is ripe, with #Lemonade trending on Twitter as the number 1 hashtag all over the world. The latest trailer however gives the hive (Beyoncé's fans) some more visual footage to gasp over. Watch below now.

#Beyoncé #Lemonade

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