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New campaign launches for marriage equality in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is still the only place in the UK equal marriage is not legal but hopefully it's soon on it's way to changing.

With the May 5th elections just around the corner, the Love Equality campaign are fighting to ensure change in the Northern Ireland Assembly's five-year term.

This campaign seems to be the strongest LGBT force Northern Ireland has to offer, consisting of LGBT organisations, trade unions, student unions and human rights group Amnesty International who have all vowed not to stop until Northern Ireland moves forwards and accepts equal marriage as a right.

The campaign's website ( has a 'take action' feature, allowing everyone to lobby the NI Assembly for equal marriage rights, simply and directly.

“Ever since the Yes vote in the Republic of Ireland, marriage equality has become a big political issue for many voters” explains John O’Doherty, one of the leaders of Love Equality.

“Last summer 20,000 people marched through Belfast demanding marriage equality” adding it was “one of the biggest political demonstrations Northern Ireland has seen in years.

“Those people haven’t gone away. On May 5th they will be looking for candidates who promise to deliver equality for everyone. Marriage equality is now an election issue.”

You can find out more about the campaign and read personal stories on their site.

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