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Kris Jenner corrects Caitlyn on her views and their early relationship

Kris Jenner, ex-wife of Caitlyn Jenner, corrects her statements on their early relationship and her backwards political views.

Kris appeared on the latest episode of the E! show I Am Cait to have dinner with Caitlyn's friends but things soon get heated as she clocks Caitlyn's hypocritical views including her Republican support and two-faced attitude towards Hilary Clinton.

This isn't the first Caitlyn has been confronted on her politics as it appears to be a weekly issue on the show. Caitlyn has yet to back down from her views and has said,

“I have to admit it is kind of hard to listen to all these people in the room come up with their notes on me. Their likes and dislikes. I have my ex wife and my friends all comparing notes. Not easy.”

Kris doesn't hold back as she also corrects Caitlyn on their early relationship, saying she was never told, then Bruce, wanted to transition. Kris said,

"I would sit you down on the couch in the bedroom and go, ’Tell me what’s wrong. There’s something really wrong. I can handle it. Just tell me. Just please tell me.’ And she would say. ’You wouldn’t understand … ’You’re just not that kind of a person.’ So it was this back and forth for a long time.”

You can watch a clip of I Am Cait here.

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