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Huge wave of backlash after DUP's decision to fight same-sex marriage

Within less than 24 hours, hundreds people have taken to social media to show their disgust and frustration with the DUP's (Democratic Unionist Party) admittance to continuing to fight same-sex marriage.

The party who has always thought against the step forward in the LGBT community said they will 'standby their commitment and family values and will continue to do so' regardless of what an entire community wants and needs. Equality.

The DUP have previously abused the petition of concern, which was introduced to encourage power-sharing and cross-community support, most recently when the equal marriage was in majority support. Because of their decision, regardless of the vote, equal marriage failed again.

However, with the news that the party will continue fighting equal marriage, users took to Facebook and Twitter to vent their rage with the 'dinosaurs'.

"What a platform!Not budget cuts. Not crime. Not my green bins lid going missing. Not wages. Not those homeless folk all dying in a very unsettlingly close time frame. Not UTV getting bought over. Not the ongoing and recently resurfaced paramilitary aggression. Not immigration issues on both sides.No no. This is the platform. People's happiness."

"The DUP, the ultimate equality and human rights opposers."

"It would suit her better to run Northern Ireland with a political agenda instead of a religious one!! Makes my blood boil!"

"Disgraceful but not unsurprising from the DUP."

"Makes me ashamed to be part of the unionists community when ya see prehistoric dinosaurs"

These were only a tiny fraction of the outrage the community voiced, not just in Northern Ireland but all across the UK & Ireland.

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