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Season 8 Episode 3 Recap!

Hold on to your wigs, this episode has it all!

Episode 3 was hot on the heels of the RuPaul’s shocking decision to eliminate both anime geek Dax ExclamationPoint and goth girl Laila McQueen. Both queens where told to sashay away after failing to deliver on the iconic ‘I Will Survive’ and rightfully so! What kind of queen doesn’t slay it on such an anthem?!

Ru then made the decision to pull Michelle Visage’s cell phone from inside her bosom and make a mysterious call, saying “When can you get here?”


Eliminated queen from episode 1, Naysha Lopez, returned through those big metal doors to the applause of her contestants, just seconds after they completed the mini challenge. The girls had to drag up a judge’s robe and make a hilarious ‘ruling’ that they brought into the world, Cynthia apparently legalised sex and Naomi was an illicit tongue popper.

Naomi won the challenge and along with Naysha they were made team captains in an acting challenge based on hit television show, Empire. They had to overact the part, which isn’t a stretch for some, and stand out as much as possible otherwise they’ll get their ass sent packing!

Standouts in the challenge where Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thorr who had competing parts and both clear winners of the challenge. Bob’s hilarious comedic timing and attitudes along with her improvisation won her the challenge, Thorgy falling just slightly behind.

Clear losers of the challenge however where Cynthia, Derrick and Robbie who all failed to be entertaining our stand out over the huge personalities and ended up being the bottom three.

The mainstage this week was, wait for it, roller blading realness! They had to rollerblade down the runway! Don’t even argue that this is isn’t the best season ever! Naysha came back to the season solely to show us her falling on stage along with Bob who just managed to keep her footing. The looks weren’t much to rave about this week as they were all very similar.

The lipsyncers facing off against each other where Cynthia and Robbie, who had the option to stay in their rollerblades or perform in heels. Robbie stayed in her blades and glided circles around our Puerto Rican beauty to the tune of Faith Evans’s Mesmerized and sadly sent her home. Cynthia is now technically the third queen to leave us this season.

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